Development status - v0.10.2

Hi folks,

Here is a small update for people interested in trying the latest version of fw4spl.

The current stable version is 0.10.1. We are currently working on the version 0.10.2. While 0.10.1 didn’t bring deep changes, the version 0.10.2 is much more ambitious.

For instance we removed the old messaging system. Thus, the IService::receive() method no longer exists and objects messages were all deleted. Communication is now only done via signals/slots, which is much clearer and simpler.

Moreover, creating and editing the profile.xml was quite redundant with maintaining the dependencies in Properties.cmake. Thus this file is now automatically generated through CMake. Also you no longer have to start bundles manually, this is specified in the Properties.cmake file of the bundle.

The documentation for this new branch has been generated on ReadTheDocs.

However to try out this branch, you need a patch repository as it has not been approved yet by the fw4spl board. But no major change should now occur. This repository is only available on Bitbucket. You can clone both the source repository and the patch repository with a single command :

Then, be sure to switch to the branch fw4spl_0.10.2 in both repositories. Do the same for fw4spl-ext if you use it.

If you’re stuck somewhere, you can request some support at fw4spl at

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