FW4SPL 12.0.1 released

We are glad to announce the last major release 12.0.1 of FW4SPL !!! The focus is still to simplify the framework API to make it »

FW4SPL 11.0.3 released !

Hi ! Few days ago, a new stable version 11.0.3 of FW4SPL has been released !!! Version tagging As you might notice we dropped the first »

FW4SPL branches status

Hi everyone, This is a short notice to clarify the current development status of fw4spl : The latest stable version can be obtained with the tag fw4spl_ »

Fat buster successful ! (Hacking Health Camp 2016)

We were present at Hacking health camp 2016 in Strasbourg between the 17th and 20th March ! Fw4spl has been used successfully on the project Fat Buster, »

Hacking Health Camp 2016

Hacking health camp 2016 in Strasbourg has started, and we will be there to work on the future of health ! The hackathon will start tonight, several »

Native debugging on Android, with QtCreator

Have you ever struggled trying to setup a clean debugging environment for your native Android app ? Then this article is for you ! 0. Debugging is a »

fw4spl_0.10.2.1 released !!!

Hi, We are happy to announce the new release fw4spl_0.10.2.1. We have released all the fw4spl and deps repositories : fw4spl: main repository, »

Development status - v0.10.2

Hi folks, Here is a small update for people interested in trying the latest version of fw4spl. The current stable version is 0.10.1. We »

FW4SPL on the roads

FW4SPL team is on tour !! We will show our latest work with the framework on JDEV and RMLL. JDev (30 june - 3 july, Bordeaux - »

Fw4spl and Android

Great news ! Now, it is possible to develop an Android application with our framework. Most part of the developement mechanism is exactly the same as the »